Addiction Treatment

The Foundations Recovery Network offers a variety of treatment options that can be combined to create a tailored program that fits the needs of a patient. Each program also includes relapse prevention tools and techniques, helping patients manage both emotional and environmental triggers that stir up cravings.

Residential Care

Our residential care service is a safe, therapeutic housing and treatment option for patients working toward recovery. Services include:

  • Drug and Alcohol "Detox"

    Detoxification can be dangerous in the absence of medical supervision, as many individuals experience withdrawal symptoms with varying severity based on the kind of addiction. Our supervised detoxification program breaks your physical dependence on drugs and alcohol with the support of caring and trained staff available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, putting you on the path to living a healthy life.
  • Drug and Alcohol Treatment

    In our residential treatment program, we help patients identify the warning signs of relapse, teach them coping skills, and ensure they make lifestyle choices that support a drug- and alcohol-free lifestyle.
Addiction Treatment

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Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Overcoming a drug or alcohol addiction is even more challenging when the patient is struggling with mental illness – known as co-occurring disorders or dual diagnoses. Staffs at our treatment centers are highly experienced and skilled at treating these complex conditions.

Prevention Services

Children of parents with co-occurring disorders have a much higher risk of becoming addicts. Our specialized prevention services are tailored to help patients raise a drug- and alcohol-free family.

Outpatient Services

A flexible option for individuals that don't require residential care, our intensive outpatient treatment program combines group and individual therapy with relapse prevention to achieve success.

Education and Advocacy

We remain dedicated to providing up-to-date, relevant information to individuals, families, children, and professionals in the field of mental health and substance abuse services.

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Client Testimonials

I abused drugs and alcohol for over 22 years until my life was consumed by them. Fortunately I found La Paloma Treatment center and within a short time realized I suffered from a disease which needed to be treated.

- Scott, Nashville, Tennessee

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    Tranquil, hacienda-style desert retreats. A holistic philosophy of care.

  • La Paloma

    La Paloma

    Memphis, TN

    An integrated treatment facility for medically supervised "detox."

  • The Canyon

    The Canyon

    Malibu, CA

    A comprehensive program, exceptional clinical team, and spiritual qualities.

  • Foundations Outpatient

    Foundations Outpatient

    Atlanta, GA

    Psychiatrists, physicians, and liaisons in a renowned facility.