Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Alleviate co-occurring addiction and mental issues.

Many patients suffer from both an alcohol or drug addiction and a mental health disorder. In some cases, a patient with a mental disorder may use substances to feel better, but exacerbate the problem and end up and addict. In others, substance abuse leads to mental and emotional disorders. And in rare cases, addiction and mental disorders coexist independently. Each dual disorder is complex, difficult to diagnose, and even more challenging to treat.

Each year, more than 14 million Americans are affected by co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders. More specifically, studies show:

  • 65.5% of individuals with substance abuse problem have at least one mental disorder
  • 51% of individuals with a mental disorder have at least one addictive disorder
  • 37% of individuals who abuse alcohol have at least one mental illness
  • 53% of individuals who abuse drugs have at least one mental illness
  • 29% of all individuals diagnosed as mentally ill suffer from alcohol or drug abuse
  • 27% of individuals with an anxiety disorder abuse substances
Dual Diagnosis Treatment

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Of those 14 million Americans, fewer than three million receive effective treatment because they have limited access to dual diagnosis programs. In response, we've developed inpatient, outpatient, and integrated programs that take a more holistic approach to alleviating these disorders. By integrating detoxification and rehabilitation, while focusing on education, action, and healing in a respectful, non-confrontational manner, we've produced an unmatched recovery rate. In fact, our patients experience double the success rate of the national average for maintaining sobriety a year after treatment.

All of our centers offer first-class services in positive, uplifting environments where patients have the opportunity to heal their minds, bodies, and souls. Depending on the location, they may enjoy delicious, nutritious meals, restorative leisure activities, and access to breathtaking natural beauty.

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Client Testimonials

...the dual treatment gave me the confidence and power to change my life. I'm taking it one day at a time, but I have the tools to turn those days into years of sobriety.

- Michael G.

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