It's normal to have questions regarding treatment centers, programs, costs, and staff. Below, you'll find answers to the most frequent inquiries.

Will my insurance cover the cost of treatment?

We accept insurance through most major providers, however Medicaid, Medicare, and State insurance are excluded. To assist you in the process, we will contact your insurance company and advocate for you to receive as much reimbursement benefit as permitted by your plan. However, please be aware that insurance rarely covers the entire cost of treatment and uncovered costs will be your responsibility. As a result, we kindly ask that payment arrangements be determined prior to admission.

What if I have no insurance?

Our staff will work with you to determine the cost of treatment. We appreciate direct payment prior to your admission to our treatment center.

What are Foundations Recovery Network treatment centers?

We offer access to treatment centers that are integrated residential and outpatient treatment facilities, which provide medically supervised detoxification and rehabilitation. Each center offers an optimum environment with first-class services as well as knowledgeable, friendly staff to ensure a life-changing recovery.

What is the Foundations Recovery Network program?

Our programs are specially designed to treat patients with co-occurring addictions and mental health illnesses. The treatment model uses motivational interviewing methods to reduce resistance to change and ambivalence, and recognizes stages of change throughout the recovery process. Both residential and outpatient programs also incorporate an introduction to 12-step principles, daily group and individual therapy, as well as life skills.

At our centers, you or your loved one will have a unique opportunity to balance physical, medical, nutritional, and spiritual needs to achieve true self-awareness and overall wellbeing. This self-awareness empowers patients to be accountable for their personal choices and frees them from harmful beliefs and behaviors that afflicted them in the past. The goal of our comprehensive program is to provide each patient with individualized care and treatment that allows them to successfully manage long-term recovery and health.

What makes Foundations Recovery Network different?

Unlike other programs, we understand and address the complex needs of clients through innovative, integrated treatment that empowers and heals the mind, body, and soul. In addition, our trained and compassionate staff members provide integrated individualized services to help patients move through the recovery process at their own pace. In the end, we ensure our clients learn to make positive, healthy choices for themselves in the future.

What ages do you serve?

We treat adult men and women who are 18 years and older and have co-occurring chemical dependency and mental health disorders.

What can you tell me about your staff?

We have a well-trained staff of professionals who specialize in specific tasks. Our treatment team consists of qualified physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, licensed therapists, and clinical directors – people that are not only highly qualified, but also deeply compassionate and empathetic to the needs of others.

I've had treatment before and it didn't help. What will be different this time?

Many of our patients have been through multiple treatment programs in the past. At Foundations Recovery Network, we don't believe that a person can fail a treatment program. Rather, the treatment program does not effectively meet the person's needs. Of course, success also depends on the client's desire to be well and accountable for his or her own recovery. For clients who have previously had multiple treatment episodes, longer lengths of stay generally prove to be helpful.

How long will I stay in the program?

Treatment at our centers is personalized and the length of your stay will be based on your individual needs. You will work closely with a treatment team to build a tailored plan of care that is more likely to produce results.

What can I expect when I call?

If you or someone you know needs help, contact our call center. Our rehab addiction experts are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to answer your questions about our alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs, mental health disorders, the disease of addiction, and its impact on you and your loved ones. During your call, we will also guide you through a brief, confidential assessment that will help determine the most appropriate level of care.

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Client Testimonials

The only way I can explain it is a miracle happened for me there. I still wanted to drink, then all of a sudden, I wanted to be sober. The Canyon allows you to be who you are. It's safe and loving. most importantly, it allows you to find out who you are.

- Elizabeth

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