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Addicts are often unable to admit they have a problem; that it is damaging their lives and hurting the people around them. In these cases, an intervention is one of the most effective methods to begin rehabilitation. The intention is never to shame, blame, hurt, or express anger. Rather it is an opportunity to confront the individual and help them acknowledge their own self-destructive behavior. Interventions are typically centered on poignant testimonies from close friends and family, which makes it difficult to deny the truth. In the end, the goal is to convince him or her to accept the need for treatment so he or she can begin a journey back to health and wellbeing.


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A successful intervention can be very difficult to achieve without professional help. If inappropriately confronted, it can ultimately shame, threaten, or alienate an addict, forcing them deeper into substance abuse. However, with careful planning and execution, it can be a significant step in the recovery process.

Through a five-step intervention process, blending education, action, and healing in a respectful, non-confrontational manner, we counsel family and friends to help ease doubts and fears while ensuring that the individual will feel loved and cared about, and not become the target of anger or other negative emotions. In the past, this process has helped a number of people overcome addiction-related crises resulting from alcohol, drugs, gambling, sexual, and more.

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The generosity of the staff and peacefulness of the surroundings has given me a serenity and safety I had never experienced before.

- Don

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