Choosing a Recovery Program

Manage triggers that stir up cravings.

While Foundations Recovery Network offers access to a variety of nationally distinguished addiction treatment centers to aid in recovery, each depends on a foundation of fellowship and support. By surrounding yourself or a loved one with people who are affected by the same challenges, bonds are formed, strengths are shared, and the path to recovery is forged.

Choosing a Recovery Progam

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To choose the appropriate recovery program, we invite you to contact our call center. Our rehab addiction experts are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to answer your questions about Foundation Recovery Network's alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs, mental health disorders, the disease of addiction, and its impact on you and your loved ones. While on the call, we'll also provide a brief, confidential assessment that will help determine the most appropriate level of care.

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Speak to an addiction specialist for confidential advice.

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Client Testimonials

I was completely hopeless, broken and lost. My addictions and depression had taken over my life... I recognized right away the extreme competence of the staff. But looking back now, I realize it was their love and nurturing, not their clinical skills, that made it possible for me to begin to heal... it saved my life - in every way.

- Julie

Featured Treatment Centers

  • Michael's House

    Michael's House

    Palm Springs, CA

    Tranquil, hacienda-style desert retreats. A holistic philosophy of care.

  • La Paloma

    La Paloma

    Memphis, TN

    An integrated treatment facility for medically supervised "detox."

  • The Canyon

    The Canyon

    Malibu, CA

    A comprehensive program, exceptional clinical team, and spiritual qualities.

  • Foundations Outpatient

    Foundations Outpatient

    Atlanta, GA

    Psychiatrists, physicians, and liaisons in a renowned facility.