Customized Rehab Care

Benefit from a tailored treatment program.

The Foundations Recovery Network offers a variety of outpatient and residential programs that can be combined to create personalized treatment based on your or a loved one's needs, including residential care, dual diagnosis treatment, prevention services, outpatient services, and education and advocacy. Each includes relapse prevention tools and techniques, helping people manage both emotional and environmental triggers that stir up cravings.

Customized Rehab Care

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While our outpatient program offers flexibility, our residential centers offer support and structure to people seeking intensive treatment for addictions and emotional conditions. Here, the patient progresses through five levels, which typically last between two weeks and several months. As they exhibit improved self-management and independent living skills, clients begin to practice increased levels of independence in a supported environment.

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Client Testimonials

I had hit rock bottom more times than I can remember… Michael's House was a long term plan that has been with me long after I left the facility. Their incredible aftercare support has helped me rebuild my life from rock bottom up.

- Brian S.

Featured Treatment Centers

  • Michael's House

    Michael's House

    Palm Springs, CA

    Tranquil, hacienda-style desert retreats. A holistic philosophy of care.

  • La Paloma

    La Paloma

    Memphis, TN

    An integrated treatment facility for medically supervised "detox."

  • The Canyon

    The Canyon

    Malibu, CA

    A comprehensive program, exceptional clinical team, and spiritual qualities.

  • Foundations Outpatient

    Foundations Outpatient

    Atlanta, GA

    Psychiatrists, physicians, and liaisons in a renowned facility.