Relapse Treatment

Relapse occurs when the individual resumes the addiction with which he or she once struggled, and it is a common part of the recovery process. Even people determined to maintain a recovery focus may experience several "slips" before achieving long-term recovery. They are not, however, spontaneous events. In most instances, the individual makes a conscious decision to skip treatment sessions.

Relapse Treatment

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Our approach to relapse treatment focuses on a variety of issues that deter a patient from reaching a point of indifference. Predicting events that occur before a relapse are an important part of this process, as they are warning signs of the risks that may affect future recovery. In addition, our relapse treatment helps the patient focus on overcoming communication barriers, practice anger management, and adapt problem-solving skills.

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Client Testimonials

I had hit rock bottom more times than I can remember. The more depressed I felt, the more I drank. It was a vicious cycle that I couldn't stop. AA was a temporary band-aid. Michael's House was a long term plan that has been with me long after I left the facility. Their incredible aftercare support has helped me rebuild my life from rock bottom up.

- Brian S.

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